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VAVA Cam PRO Wireless Home Security Camera System

People are constantly looking for the best security gadgets that they can afford and would spend even extra on security cameras as It is indeed relieving to have a sense of security in your home, office, or overall property. These people feel safer when they can actually ‘see’ what is going on around them and this is just what a security camera allows them to do. Subscription options are also what people run from and try to find solace in cameras where they can fully be in control. This VAVA Cam Pro Security Camera defines perfect satisfaction in terms of security for your home.

The VAVA wireless security camera is a gadget that is easy to install and comes with a home base to enhance improvised security and reliability for you. It is easy to mount both indoors and outdoors and is made to withstand outdoor conditions despite its modern design. There is no wire attachment involved during its installation but Wi-Fi is needed to connect this camera to your device. Installation guidelines are present in the application for this device which you can easily download on your app store. Setup is simple and won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time.

The excellent base feature is included to create improved signal compatibility with the cameras to facilitate real-time videos just when you need it whereas bringing about low battery consumption. This base is not attached to the camera and connects with the camera wirelessly and is to be placed indoors. It allows you to save your video recordings on local storage only when recording is triggered to save space. A recording is triggered by the shape of a man walking at any angle past the camera to reduce false recordings that might be caused by pets or dirt. The machine comes with an 8 gig memory card but you can upgrade this to your taste too.

With a battery capacity of 5000mAh, there is assured prolong standby time that can be up to 3 months. The feature will prevent you from going through the stress of charging the gadget frequently which might be tiresome and frustrating. You will be notified on your mobile device when there is a low battery to allow you to charge on time to prevent disruption during video recording.

Vava Home Cam is made to be easy to mount as it comes with three different types of mounts. If you are targeting it for outdoor usage, there is one outdoor mount available for use. There is a desktop mount in case that’s your preferred location. A magnetic mount that is super strong is also available for you to set up your camera on any metallic surface with close to zero probability of detaching without external force.

Embedded with 1080 camera pixels, the camera provides HD video output that will contain even the smallest detail in its output. With a wide-angle lens of 1100, blind spots are highly decreased and you have a wider view range that will capture more detail. You don’t have to worry about unclear recordings at night as the tech item is equipped with night vision to show clear images at night and even detect movement to trigger video record.

A Level of encryption that is similar to banks’ is used on the base station and the cloud storage likewise as the makers indeed know that data security is of utmost importance. There is no need to feel unsafe if your gadget gets stolen as it will be useless to anyone else besides you. The cloud service is indeed an excellent one and you can use this at an affordable fee but that is optional. A good plus is the remote view feature that allows you to monitor what is going on in your house even when you are not at home. In case you see something unexpected, you can easily trigger an alarm anywhere you are as it comes with two-way audio communication. You get a push notification anytime there is motion observed by the camera even if you are not currently using the accompanying application.

The sharing of video content is made simple by the makers of this security tech. You can now share your device with other members of your home or your roommate just by including their respective email addresses to the VAVA app. All your family members can monitor the house together which is safer.

For about 200 dollars per system, the security cam is just right for its price and will surely give you the satisfaction and sense of security that you want.

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