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Mushie Stacking Cups Toy – Made in Denmark

Mushie Stacking Cups Toy is a set of 8 stackable cups that have distinctive and fun holes at the base for both bath and water play. The set comes in gorgeous muted colours which gives them an edge over primary-colored cups. These cups vary in size, from small to big, which makes them stackable. You are sure to love these pieces for both their use and beauty. The round tower is especially fun for the baby to look at, and rather engaging as well.

Mushie Stacking Cups Toy is recommended for kids who are within the range of 6 months to 3 years of age. That said, it is not written in stone that your child has to be within the stated age bracket to get this fun set. They can really be enjoyed by kids from age 0 and above. These toys do not fit in toddlers’ mouths so they are not, in the least bit, choking hazards. The materials used to make the cups is non-toxic so you need not to worry when your baby puts a cup in their mouth. Kids who are less than 18 months of age tend to put everything that gets passed them straight in the mouth.

Stacking the cups helps develop babies’ organization and motor skills by developing both the body and the brain faculties. In addition, the set is especially effective at early childhood development, beginning at about six month. These pieces will be instrumental in helping to build baby’s mental and physical abilities and strengths at an early stage.

Having differently-sized pieces is suitable for

Having differently-sized pieces is suitable for developing fine motor control and language skills. Toddlers do not have the fine muscle control to grasp the pieces using their fingers. They usually grab things with the use of their entire hand. This whole-hand approach is great for picking up the larger pieces. As they grow, they develop more control over individual parts of their hands. This will enable them to pick up smaller and smaller cups.

The cups are also easy to put away making them a convenient purchase. These cup stacking activity can be enjoyed both outdoors and indoor because of the portability of the cups. In addition, you can travel with the cups to outings, camping, play dates and such because they are light in weight. Mushie stacking cups provide a perfect bonding opportunity for you and baby. Babies particularly enjoy when you stack the cups and knock them over. The basic skills acquired from stacking and unstacking cups become the basis for accomplishing more complex tasks such a writing, bike riding and swimming to name a few.

This Danish Hygge Collection helps kids learn more about Denmark, their values and its practices. Watch where your little one’s latest adventure takes them by referencing the map of Denmark which comes with the set. Welcome to Rundetårn in Copenhagen as your child enjoys these products from Denmark. Diversify your child’s culture by educating them of the beauty of this country and about fairy tales that originate from there.

The colors of the cups are to die for. You could find yourself painting your house from the selection of the colour choices of these cups. These pieces could also be included as part of a DIY project to improve the beauty of your home. So they have a wide range of utilities for both your baby and yourself.

Being 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, Mushie stacking cups are free of toxins that could put your kids at risk. Materials used to manufacture the set are responsible for the high quality of the cups and make them feel nice to touch. The cups are durable, so the purchase of this pack could only be a one-time thing. Get yourself a minimum of two sets to increase the fun. The pieces also interlock well so you get value for your money. Kids cannot get enough of these ‘bad boys’ so, at the very least, the entertainment value is tops. Your baby will be kept busy for hours and only cry out for you when hunger sets in.

Prices of Mushie stacking cups are within range of most of such sets. Affordable, aesthetically pleasing and child friendly, there is no reason for you not to purchase this product today.

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