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Livescribe Symphony Smartpen Bluetooth Digital Pen

Ever since writing was invented, the techniques have evolved greatly from the writing styles to the media used. All the improvements were however based on the analogue media. These included the media used in the pens plus the type of surfaces. For instance, people moved from using straw surfaces to using papers made from trees. The pens were not left behind with the most recent development being the use of ink pens. This growth was redundant as it never focused on the growing digital needs. Digital space has provided humans with the capacity to transform almost every aspect of their lives, and writing is not left behind in the extensive needs.

Though the use of gadgets with touch capabilities has become the trend, the traditional aspect of pen and paper writing still remains epic. That’s why people still prefer using pens for their recording purposes. Livescribe has ventured into this space and taken advantage of the technology. This is through the Livescribe digital pen and notebook that were launched recently last month. It’s a new revolution that is going to take shape in the industry, evolving the way people do their things. The good thing is that you can trust the brand as the quality assurance was duly done, and passed as satisfactorily by those who have tested the items.

A question that may be lingering in most individuals’ minds is, how does this work? Well, being a new innovation, it’s understandable that some may not be conversant with the operation methods. You don’t have to be worried because the device is easy to manage, and you don’t need prior experience. The product uses the basic concept of Bluetooth wireless technology to work. All you have to do is to simply write with the pen on your preferred device or on a Livescribe notebook. After you’ve done this basic step, you can now watch as the pen transform all the written thoughts to a digital perspective that can be accessed through a mobile application.

It is the perfect product for professionals when attending meetings and taking notes during presentations. The item allows you to focus on the conversation as you write it down. You don’t have to look down on the surface as the smartpen can detect all the locations of your writings. Access every record of what you write down, and enjoy quality audio recording as you continue to take notes. This feature allows you to interact immersively with your notes when you are taking a look in the future. Its finish is stylish, and it adds a modern look to you as you use the product among your peers.

This said the following are some unique qualities of the Livescribe Digital Pen and Notepad package. Foremost, this smart device is designed to use Bluetooth wireless technology to capture every writing on the surface. This means that you can synchronize with most gadgets that are Bluetooth enabled, including iOS phones, Android devices and the latest tablets. In addition, it’s designed to work well with a special notebook that is called the Livescribe Notebook which is a product of the same manufacturer. This is not the normal paper notebook that you’re used to, rather it is equipped with smart technological features that can detect digital pens.

Another aspect of this item is that it is capable of recording audio. How does it do this? It works simply by syncing with a dedicated mobile application. The user can download the Livescribe application from the Apple Store or Google Store. You then need to integrate the details of the pen with the app so that every handwritten detail is recorded and saved. Every record is saved in any cloud service of your choice, and you can access your personal handwriting anywhere when you need to use it.

A new upgrade with the newest versions is the improvement in the battery life. It features an upgraded battery standby span of up to 90 days that you can use without worrying about charge issues. For this pen to work effectively, its sensitivity has been revamped to a high level. .

To sum it up, technology is allowing people to explore things that were earlier deemed impossible. Livescribe provides the same old pen feeling while upgrading it to become a digital encounter.

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