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GREENTREEN Resistance Bands Set

Most of the population of the world today works for longer hours six days a week with no free time. As if that isn’t enough, people aren’t following the accustomed living standards. They eat a lot of junk, and sugar, do not drink enough water, smoke cigarettes, eat an unbalanced diet, drink alcohol and eat red meat and the list is endless. After sometime this kind of lifestyle has severe effects, obesity, heart diseases, illnesses and worst of all death. But this shouldn’t be the case since you can lose the weight unhealthy living accumulates. You can exercise, eat healthily, improve on your sleeping patterns and many more.

Working out is particularly recommended because the end results can be seen after some time. Exercising can be in different forms you can either work from home, ride bikes, swim and go to the gym. People work out for different reasons. Either you want to build muscles or lose weight. These reasons dictate for how long you will work out, what equipment you will use and what exercises you will have to do. In addition, you will have to choose if you want to work from home or go to the gym.

If you are not comfortable with crowds, prefer privacy, want to save money then working out from home is perfect for you. Going to the gym means you will have to pay gym membership charges, and the gas expenses you will incur driving to the gym. Plus you will have to spend so much time travelling to and from work, home and the gym. Additionally, when working out from home you get to choose what equipment works fit for you.

The GREENTREEN Resistance Bands set of 5 is the best for exercising at home. You can use it alone either at home, the beach or even an open field. The box has 5 resistant bands, 2 foam handles, 2ankle strips, 1 door anchor, a workout guide book and a workout poster plus a carrier bag. A carrier bag makes storage easy plus packing the items together creates tidiness and organization possible at home. You can use resistance bands singularly or combined between 10lbs to 150 lbs. They have a reinforced link and can be combined together using a big metal carabiner to form a stronger and better loop. In the GREENTREEN Resistance Bands box, there is the door anchor which can be attached to the door of the house for exercising you will the bands back and forward stretching your arm, back n chest muscles.

Also there is a working out poster and workout guide book with more than 40 sample exercises, which is perfect for beginners to use. If you follow them consistently, you will achieve your desired weight and body muscles. They are about a meter long, perfect for arm’s length workouts. You can also clip them, tie a knot to make them shorter, fold them to double the resistance or even combined all five of them together. The resistance bands are made of 100% real latex. This makes them elastic, strong, durable and free from wear and tear.

These bands are light, portable and will achieve the same desired effect as would heavy workout machinery. They are very easy to set up and do not require drilling walls or hiring of personnel to assemble the parts together. According to customer reviews, when you buy these resistance bands, you get value for your money. The goods that are delivered to you are of great quality as advertised. The bands are strong and long-lasting, even if the customers have used them for a long time on a daily basis.

Losing weight and muscle building doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. You can work out from home without the expense of gym charges, hiring a trainer or the struggle of commuting to and from the gym. The GREENTREEN Resistance Bands set of 5 is the perfect pick for you. It comes with all these advantages since you can use it at home alone. You may be an introverted person, shy, a stay-at-home mum or dad or just a person who loves the comfort of working out in the home then you should purchase this. It will be worth every cent you spend.

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