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Enermax Liqmax III 240 aRGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

As computer gadgets are evolving everyday, there is a new challenge that is arising in the industry. This has everything to do with keeping heat levels in a device at low levels that does not affect the performance of the machine. With processing chips being upgraded to run with high speeds, it means that there will be more heat that will be generated by either the desktop or laptop. To cover or reduce this heat, the device has to be installed with intelligent and high-grade fans that are up to the task. There are computer brands that have tried to develop new cooling fans, but since it isn’t their main area of specialization, the fans are usually inferior.

A powerful machine working with an inferior cooling system can be catastrophic. This is why Enermax brand had to venture into the space in order to provide heavy computer users with ideal cooling solutions. A cool device translates to better performance, and in the end more work can be done within a short span of time. This coolant is ideally compatible with most Intel and AMD chips, and it comes in handy with readily installed sockets for these chips. Those who deal with powerful PCs like content creators and gamers are recommended to make use of this coolant system to keep their PCs working at optimal levels.

What are the major product elements of the Enermax Liqmax system? Foremost, any fan is pronounced by the presence of rotation blades. Enermax goes an extra mile by incorporating dual-convex blades that are totally different from the normal fans. This design helps to develop dow force air pressure plus high volume flow. With more air volume flowing at great speeds, the cooling effect is enhanced greatly in this system. Another patented feature in this item is the double chamber design that is meant to isolate the pump from heat. In this way, the design helps to prolong the coolers’ lifetime.

Additionally, the cooler can achieve up to 30 percent heat exchange through the CCI design. CCI is basically the demotion of Central Coolant Inlet design, and it’s major task is to inject the coolant at the hottest part to avoid surging of heat. It also helps to shorten the path taken by heat by a significant amount, and in turn this translates to better and faster transfers of heat. The speed at which hot air inside is replace by cold air plays a big role in determining the efficiency of a given fan. In this case, this aspect is the major backbone of the Enermax, and it surely serves it justice with the incredible transfer pace.

Another feature of the Enermax is that the tunings are weaved using premium 400 mm of material. This is perfect for mainstream system builds, and adds to the toughness of the item. Interestingly, the fan blades are addressable with RGB color grade, and the colors range up to 17 million in total number. This powerful fan comes with a significant investment that is guaranteed to offer you the service you need.

To sum it up, protect your computing items from damage due to accumulated heat. Enermax is the perfect solution for this task, and is compatible with the common computer brands.

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